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Yonka facial for Acne


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Product Description

Yonka facial for teenager with acne problems.
The treatment steps:
An aromatic compress,
A warm mist with 5 essential oils,
A hydrating vegetable exfoliation,
Elimination of blackheads,
A purifying mask with aromatic compress,
Applying a balancing cream,
Energizing: olfactory stimulation, stretches…
A “phyto” cleansing treatment with astonishing efficiency to be used regularly in order to balance the adolescent or impure epidermis and prevent imperfections.
Results : the skin that is purified, cleansed, soothed and balanced, it is clean and radiant.
This Teenager care is a vital priority for the beauty regimen and well-being of all adolescent affected by skin imperfections. To be performed on a regular basis from the onset of the acné and imperfections issues.