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Available at Sherazaad. $42. Call: 1-877-457-3666.

OVERVIEW: Made with natural orange peel exfoliator, Body Buff is gentle enough for daily use to polish away dead skin cells and instantly transform your skin. The added benefits of argan oil blended with Vitamin E and nourishing avocado, grape seed, safflower, sesame and sweet almond oils, rejuvenate your skin with intense moisture.
TIPS FROM THE SPA EXPERT: Massage in a circular motion to either dry or damp skin until absorbed. Concentrate on areas prone to rough or dry patches. Then, buff and rinse off in the shower.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Orange Peel is a natural exfoliator that gently buffs away dead skin. When combined with argan oil, vitamin E, avocado, sweet almond, safflower and sesame oil your skin will experience a renewed softness and smoothness.

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