At the Sherazaad, the Hammam purifies, relaxes and gathers.

The founders of the Sherazaad Hammam & Spa are biggest fans and lovers of the Hammam way since generations. Failing to find here in Montreal the institution that could best meet their aspirations of Hammam, they decided to offer their self and the Montreal area a jewel by creating the Sherazaad to share with you one of the best kept beauty secrets for centuries.

The philosophy behind the Sherazaad is to combine tradition, modernity and quality. A challenge that eventually emerged in 2010.

The Sherazaad, a haven for those who prefer cares in privacy away from the congestion of urbans SPA.

At the Sherazaad, in addition to Traditional Hammam, we offer massage therapy services and complete aesthetic cares.

The Sherazaad has its own brand of products Hammam (Sherazaad and Tradition Hammam), but in terms of partnership, Sherazaad has partnered with major brand leaders in their field, including Yonka Paris and MOROCCANOIL.





Moroccanoil Yonka