An excellent sanctuary of beauty, the Hammam was mostly a matter of women in the ‘Harem’ (Word referring to all women in the inner circle of the Sultan) in the old palaces. A beautiful place to be, chatting with friends or with the family.

As its current and modern way, the Hammam had been developed in the Maghreb and North Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), in the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon and Syria) and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey actually).

In Morocco and Tunisia, the countries where the Hammam is a social phenomenon for decades, there are also many ‘public’ hammams  where we can find all the ‘classes’ of the society, sometimes by dozens, but also ‘luxury’ Hammams called ‘SPA’, many of whom are part of five star hotels, and where the service is much more intimate and refined for a wealthy clientele and tourists.